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Kyrgyzstan20 August 2009 - 14 September 2009

Travelogue (Kyrgyzstan)

Kandai - Hello in Kyrgyz
Skidding down the border pass road
Welcome to the homestay teahouse
Breakfast with fresh bread, creamy butter, apricot jam and joghurt!
Pleasant warmth in the only heatad room (oven burning yakpats)
Kyrgyzstan - yurts and horses on wide plains
Looking back to the Pamirs
But there is still that icy wind blowing
Sary Tash on the crossroads between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China on 3'170m ASL
Homey afternoon snack at one of the cosy homestays
Piles of yakpats - getting ready for the winter
Leaving our homestay in Sary Tash
No gravestones but horsetails for the Kyrgyz tombs
Finally dashing down!
On the road to Osh
We got spontaneously invited to this extensive lunch - what a joy!
Stocking up on fresh cheese
... and honey, filled up in recycled Coke Pet bottles
Kiosk along the way
On the way to school
Market in Osh: Internal organs are a popular delicacy
Bread, bread, bread!
Brö is getting outfitted with a new warm felt hat
Fancy anything?
Dried yak chees in many different variations
Local energy drinks contain at least 5% alcohol
Yummy dinner in front of the telly - these are holidays, this is luxury, this is Osh!
In the Susamyr valley
Camping is a delight
Graveyards like little towns
On horesback to Song Kul lake
Mountain pass on 3'300m ASL - totally foggy
Jaloos - summer pastures
Staying overnight in yurts
Full-day activity: horseback riding!
Gazing over Song Kul lake
John Brö Wayn
Preparing fresh yak butter
The whole household in a felt tent
Cooking, eating, sleeping
An inexhaustible supply of apricot jam and butter (in the bucket and the goat tummy skin)
The crown of the yurt is represented on the national flag
Telling stories from home in the glow of the oil lamp
Sleeping on mountains of blankets
Gazing down at our yurt camp - we have climbed very high up!
Toilet with a view
... and an open-air bathroom
Carried away!
Back to the valley...
Our german speaking hosts in Kochkor
3.9.09: Landscape at 9.30 am
3.9.09: Landscape at 12.30 pm
3.9.09: Landscape at 1.30 pm
3.9.09: Landscape at 3.30 pm
Sheep bleating for breakfast
Would be wonderful to have such warm ears!
Stormy weather at Issyk Kul lake
Karakol's cattle market
Sheeps travel comfortably on the back seat
... and those less fortunate in the trunk
Ready to carry camels, cattle and horses to the surrounding valleys
Healthy breakfast: deep-fried pancakes and vodka in portions
Reunion of cyclers in Karakol: Dutch - Sweds - French- and german speaking Swiss
We are slowly but surely adapting to the Kyrgyz eating and drinking culture
Fish to go...
Meat samsas
Shashlik - yummy!
More samsas getting ready
A securly and methotically packed Kyrgyz box - our parcel to Switzerland...
Having dinner with the two friendly truck drivers who gave us a lift to the Chinese border
Sleepless night - it's wasn't nearly as cozy as it looks!
Qosh - bye bye Kyrgyzstan

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