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Prologue21 September 2003 - 24 October 2003

Travelogue (Prologue)

Farewell party - bye bye!
A sunny day to say goodbye to all our beloved ones
From now on we are as free as birds
Bella Italia - buonissimi i gelati!
Mh... again one of those Super Stradas where it's forbidden to cycle
Pisa - so crooked!
Waiting for the delayed frighter - short trip to Florence
Arrival of the "Rejane Delmas" in Livorno - majestetic!
Smoothly parket, the little frigther
That's a handy crane they have to lift all our luggage
Get in please - the journey begins!
Our home for next three weeks
Leasure time for reading...
Swimming in the very hot indoor pool of the freighter
Well, we hope there is no such wind when we are cycling...
Karaoke session with the Filipino-German crew
Baptism on the equator corssing
Test passed and certificate received - our new names : Waterlily and Seawolf
Sucking pig to celebrate the crossing of the equator
Feast - we are on the southern hemisphere
Stop in La Réunion
La Réunion
Little harbor at La Réunion
The primary vegetaion on the lava
Huge crater on La Réunion
La Réunion
Black sand beach
Tree-climbing primate
Reading travel books on every corner of the ship
The captain has everything under control
Land ahoy - Mauritius!
Loading and unloading in the harbor of Maurition: Time is money
Beach life on Mauritius
Locals, always keen to have a chat (and to sell you something
Getting the tandem ready - we will soon arrive in Madagascar

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"The more you look at the world, the more you recognise people's different values."

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