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China (west)15 September 2009 - 9 October 2009

Travelogue ( China / Tibet)

Nihao! No clue what the characters actually mean, but it looks inviting enough :-)
On route from the Irkestam Pass towards Kashga.
I think... 57km sounds much better!
Delicious fresh bread from the earthen oven
Yep, thanks, this should be sufficient
Two worlds ...
Fancy a foot bath?
Camp grounds whichg could not be any more beautiful
Birthday party with Kyrgyzs Snickers and Vodka
Breathtaking kaleidoscope of colours during sunset
...for that it's well worth pushing all the stuff up the dry river beds
Luckily we're not here by car
Thinking practical, the Chinese
... us too :-) Well, it did not really work though :-(
On the Chinese part of the Karakorum Highway
What's better than breakfast under the first warm reys of sunshine?
The impressive Muztagata massif
Hiding from the icy evening breezes in our apsis
...and camels with fluffy fur
Taking lots of breaks in order to appreciate the magnificence of the landscape
By horse back to the Muztagata glacier
Staying overnight ... a family home
Welcome to Kashgar, comrades
Futuristic e-bikes
What a melodious name for such a beautiful hotel
How many meter of noodles would you like?
Do-it-yourself-pig in the the meat section
Milk, a luxurious good in China
There is specialized cosmonaut milk ...
...and milk powder for diarrhoea :-)
The menu labels are very creative too
... well then, we rather have some instant noodles - just to be on the safe side
Open air cinema
Night market in Kashgar
Sheep fat filling for the dumplings
First generation e-bike
Sheep with the biggest butts are in demand
Looks nice in file...
...but is it really comfortable?
Our China-in-10-days tour has to be well prepared
Guess, what's in the parcel - we have sent the tandem to Lhasa
... while we were backpacking the 6000km journey
Sleeper bus
And here it is, the Great Wall
Sightseeing with live comments
And this is what I want for my next birthday ;-)
Rice containers
Translations in China are often crapshoots
...and sometimes also getting the meaning out of it. I think we are being asked to buy a ticket here - probably.
Farewell dinner with Fiona and Tobias before we boarded the train to Tibet

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