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South Korea9 January 2011 - 10 February 2011

Travelogue (South Korea)

Welcome to extremely cold South Korea!
Downtown Busan
Shinsengae - supposedly the world biggest department store
Enjoying some warm sunshine on the rooftop terrace of our hostel
Introduction to our wild food love affair!
Street food stalls with steaming pots were never far...
... and almost open 24 hours
Tasting some fishcake in red sauce
There's no need to use ice...
... to keep fish chilled
Mussels being neatly piled up
Sailors choir
Air dried fish heads are later processed into delicious starters
Huge variety of sea creatures at Busan's fish market
Wafer-thin sheets of dried seaweed
Korean BBQ!
Take away Korean style
South coast
Visiting Young Man and his family at the fishcake factory
Who says our bike doesn's fit the elevator?
Always nice to get to know your next-door neighbours, right?
Rule no 1: Shoes are left outside the room
Korean motels offered any comfort imaginable
Our friend was so kind to provide us with a nicely detailed huge map
Kimchi monster!
Where did we land for gods sake...
Fancy a round of ice skating?
Luckily it's only used for ablutions
Freezing cold...
Our jazzed up cockpit shows 4.4°C below zero around lunchtime - under the sun
Our favourite stop for a coffee
Does the wait really get that long?
Quick snack - munching like cannibals
Not always were we thrilled about the menu (here: soup of internal organs)
The ferry bringing us to Jeju Island
Lava tunnel
Headwinds on Jeju Island
Dried squid - an amazingly yummy snack
The free divers
No sissies - the elderly ladies dive at any water temperature!
Sea creatures - nice to look at...
... but to eat...?
Sleeping area on the ferry to Incheon
Seoul's climate does not seem any warmer...
Can you feel the metropolis?
Good restaurants were always jam-packed
No wonder!
Drool, drool...
Night market
Fancy some fish (-waste) soup?
Yes, gluttons we are - but we easily managed to skip this round
Koreans know how to pose...
... and with whom too ;-)
The sound of this bell is supposedly heard for innumerable kilometers - let's try it out
Tradition and modernity
Guard of the palace
Mounds raised over graves
This would be our stand of choice!
Down at the river on a Sunday afternoon
Now where did I put those saucers again?
Sheets of paper - all hand made
The final product
Interesting outfit for nuns
Ready for a snack?
A bliss for the palate
Soju accompanies every meal
Bye bye South Korea - keep smiling!

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South Korea

9 January 2011 -
10 February 2011

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South Korea

South Korea

9 January 2011 -
10 February 2011


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