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Madagascar25 October 2003 - 11 January 2004

Travelogue (Madagascar)

Arrived in the harbour of Toamasina
Class photograph - who spots the paleface?
Living and working under palmleaf roofs
Dad's sandals are so big!
Village on the east coast
Crushing stones is a woman's job here (too) - sometimes whole villages were working on it
Village store en route
On the way home from the market
Heading north
We were always surrounded immediately when we stopped somewhere
Pristine nature
Art of nature
On the St. Marie island
Sunset at our beach camp
Big laundry
Palmtree huts on St. Marie
Each one, no matter how small, has to help
Mud tracks
... and wobbely bridges
Downhill to the tuquise lagoons
Drift wood
Fisherman on the way home
Lobster feast
Manageable assortment
We waited one week for a boat to Mananara
Primary forest destroyed from tornado and fire
Hotel in the jungle
Sickroom under palm trees
Giant of the primeval forest
Small lemur
Marojejy national parc
Sweet lemurs high up in the branches
Camp in the national parc
Duncan, English photograper and our guide Rombo
72 hour nonstop journey to Antananarivo
Heading south
Sleeping at the police post - we share the right bed while the police officer has the double bed all for himself
Rice paddies in the mountains
Village laundry
Car ferry Malagasy style
These vehicles (loaded with firewood) were overtaking us at breakneck speed downhill
Serge from the French-speaking part of Switzerland
Delightful roads...
Midnight mass on Christmas Eve
Serge and Soa
Beach hut in Ifaty
Giant baobabs
Before and afterwards - experiment successful
Before and afterwards - experiment unsuccesful

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"Remember that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination."

Roy M. Goodman

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