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05.04.07 - istanbul (turkey)

four weeks have gone since we have started our travelling. we have already left greece behind us. traversing the peloponnes was a nice start. visiting olympia gave us the encouragement and motivation for the approaching steep hills. after a few more days we reached athens, where we have visited all the "old stones" and got to appreciate the delicious gyros. unfortunately, our honeymoon-week on santorini ended in a disaster. somehow, two of our cycling bags have disappeared in a very mysteriously manner. damn it! brö was standing there "half-nacked" and our laptop is gone too. the next few days have been turbulent, irritating and annoying. we have shorten our trip trough greece accordingly and have left the country. now we are in instanbul and wander around the bazaars, deny all the attempts of the eager carpet seller and get our ears slowly used to the vigorous prayer call of the muezzin. apart from that: we are doing fine, but you will have to be very patient to see/read actual pictures and travel stories :-(

05.03.07 - venice (italy)

after a grandiosely carnival of lucerne and a few more turbulent days of preparing our trip we are finally back on the road. this time officially, not only with, but also as a tandem! on 2.3.07 there have been two rings, lots of kisses, a few tins on the back of our tandem and a great number of astonished faces when we turned up at our farewell-aperitif... as a passionate fresh bridal couple, we are starting our honeymoon in a romantic manner in venice. we are walking leisurely through the neat paths of the wonderful city, enjoy many italian ice creams and feel like "heaven on earth". the ferry will soon leave for greece. we hope to catch up soon with all the website-pendings so that you can follow us on "somewhereonearth" in the future as well. many greetings to all of you and see you one day again, patrizia benigno müller and brö müller

01.02.06 - montañita (ecuador)

during a short stopover in quito we have been surprised by its markedly nice weather. we took the chance to make an excursion and climbed up rucu pichincha (4698m), quitos "house-mountain". from here we had a beautiful view to the impressing cotopaxi and we could not resist. three days later we stood on the summit of the highest active volcano of the world (5897m). unfortunately, in the meantime the weather conditions had already changed again so that we could not appreciate the view it could have offered us... now it was definately time to finally speed down to the coast. we are now hanging around a bit in this almost surreal partytown. we are enjoying the best surf-waves of ecuador, freshing up our tan, and filling up our bellies with delicious shrimps, prawns and squids before lining up for the difficult way back home...

more about the stopover switzerland...

20.01.06 - tena (ecuador)

just a few kilometers out of quito, we crossed the imaginary zero-line to the northern hemisphere - this, after being cycling for exactly two years on the southern half of the globe. in otavalo, the biggest market in the country, we stopped for a stroll and bought a few useful and just as many useless souveniers. baños was our next stop where we enjoyed taking baths in the natural hot thermal-pools and celebrated by the way patrizia’s birthday. plunging into the humid and hot jungle was amazing and the rainforest served to glorify its name. we encountered loads of well tempered rain and waded for the next few days in rubber boots through the abundant vegetation of the amazon. we didn’t see pumas and neither tarantulas. now we buzz across to the coast and hope to find well tempered "swimming entertainment" as well.

03.01.06 - quito (ecuador)

wow! this was just brilliant! enjoying for a week the beauty of the nature on board of the angelito. everything was just perfect: super yacht, great crew, pleasant passengers, excellent food and of course the unique wildlife of the galapagos on land and underwater. we really spoilt ourselfes immensely. the harddisk of our laptop has been enriched by more than a few hundred pictures and is almost bursting at the seams - but the iguanas, sea lions and blue-footed boobies were just too photogenic... tomorrow we will be heading north, trying to burn down all the pounds we ate away.

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