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20.12.05 - quito (ecuador)

only a short message before we leave to spend the seasonal holidays again on the high seas - this time we chose the equator instead of the polar circle. but they say that we will see penguins on the galapagos too! on the way to quito we had, once again, bad luck with the weather - we could hardly see a thing of the "road of volcanoes" and in the end we even had to postpone the mountainclimbing we had planned for these days here, because there is too much snow around! at the moment it’s rainy and cold. but for christmas, we hope to get the chance to unpack our swimming suits and to lay our pale bellies next to sealions while enjoying the warm sunshine!
we wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous 2006!

12.12.05 - riobamba (ecuador)

who know’s if we would have liked it. instead of cycling through the deserted area of the coastline we catched the bus and reached the south of ecuador like this. we have been very much surprised about the infrastructure and the cleanness that awaited us here - we almost felt like being in europe somewhere. we have been welcomed very cordially and warm-hearted by the equadorian and felt really comfortable from the first moment. next, there were cycling- and bustrips following one after another. the southern mountain range resembles geografically to a crumpled piece of paper - there’s hardly a flat centimeter to find. severe long slopes uphill followed by short racy downhill rides - and than, it starts all over again. we passed loja - cuenca - alausí and have reached now riobamba, situated at the bottom of the enormous chimborazo.
to all of you - enjoy a peaceful advent and have fun with the "cookie-baking"!

29.11.05 - trujillo (peru)

we didn’t give up and gave it another chance - and at last, the second horseback-trek became a blast - it was just perfect. unfortunately, in the meanwhile we’ve missed the "nice-weather-period" for a possible mountainclimb. patiently we’ve waited another few days for the weather to change, with no positive result - never mind. the downhill ride through the breathtaking cañón de pato was great and we’ve found ourselves 3’000 meters lower than before. reaching the panamericana, after over three months of beautiful "highlands" was quite a bit of a shock. a boring road with coastal fog, trucks going past countinously - do we really like this...? all the more we enjoy the culinary advantages of the coast - cebiche (raw fish) tastes delicious and we can hardly get enough!

12.11.05 - huaraz (peru)

we can look back to great cycling days where the path brought us very much up- and downhill. our altimeter swung between 1’800 and 4’900m. we have not regretted to have chosen the "inland-route" cause we passed all sorts of interesting little villages and the landscapes were really nice. we have reached huaraz, situated in the middle of the cordillera blanca. the weather is going crazy and during our horseback-trekking it was pouring. we’ve got a stunning view from our hostal-terrace and are enjoying looking at the snowy mountains of five- and six thousand meters. if we will have the chance to climb up one of these or if we follow our route down to the coast depends really much of the "weather-gods". p.s. patrizias knee could bear very well with the effort over the mountains.

25.10.05 - huancayo (peru)

we enjoyed cusco that much that we stayed for 2 weeks at our lovely hostal. during this time it was very rainy and we also needed to get used to the general tourist-rip-offs. but it was a great pleasure to meet up again with a few friends we got to know on the road. of course we did’n miss to visit the nearby ruins and had an enjoyable ride by train to machu picchu. it has been an unique experience to overlook the deserted inka-city at 6 o’clock in the morning. from cusco we took the bus to reach huancayo, because the dirtroad was terribly bumpy. 36 hours drive for approx. 800km. from here we jump back on the saddle and are still heading north. we hope that patrizia’s knee will recover soon (this time it’s her turn). it seems that, slowly but surely, we are both getting old - or at least our "body joints"...

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