We were on the road for 2'115 days (5y 9m 20d)

Exploring the world – true to this motto we started in 2003. We travelled by tandem through parts of Africa and South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and via China/Nepal to Southeast and East Asia and finally Ocenania. After stopovers in Switzerland (2006) and Singapore (2008) we are again taking a break on this small busy island at the equator and are looking forward to your visit!

During the past years we got the chance to get to know kindhearted people, to cycle through lonely and breathtaking landscapes at temperatures ranging from minus 25 to plus 50 degrees, to visit busy cities and remote villages, to pedal over mountain passes and endless deserts, from 420m below to 5,897m above sea level, to travel by boat, bus, train, yacht, lorry, motorcycle, horse and on foot, wandering, wondering, exploring, admiring. In short, we could – and still can – enjoy our lives as globetrotters, travellers and guests of foreign countries, people and cultures. All this we would love to share with you on these few pages. We are pleased that you are taking part in our journey!

Latest travelogue

South Korea
9 January 2011 - 10 February 2011


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South Korea
9 January 2011 - 10 February 2011

South Korea

Random guestbook entry :

26.11.2003 from rene

hallo ihr beiden!
auch bei uns ist eure postkarte von madagaskar letzte woche eingetroffen - vielen dank. scheint ja bis anhin toll mit eurer route zu klappen, obwohl ihr mal was oefters an einem internet-cafe vorbeiradeln koenntet! weiss halt nicht ob's in madagaskar ueberhaupt computers hat... die "beach" auf der postkarte sieht ja echt toll aus sowohl als auch das "alphuettchen"...
bei uns sind wir von 25 grad letzter woche nun auch in tiefere temperaturen gesunken. obwohl ich kaltes wetter nicht mehr mag, ist es halt doch der jahreszeit besser angemessen. morgen ist "thanksgiving" uns so stopfen wir uns dann halt mit turkey voll - judihuibleibt gesund und "zwaeg" und wir freuen uns auf weitere lebenszeichen oder einen reisebericht.
rene & co.
ps: bin ueber weihnachten in der ch und geh halt dann alleine ins rathaus ein paar bierchen kippen...

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Patriza Patricia Pat Benigno and Bruno Brö Bro Müller Muller a Swiss couple from Luzern Lucerne are on the road since 2003. Traveling by tandem bike bicycle with carrier around the world. A world travel cycling bike tour trip through all continents. They tell their story on this web site in a travel journal travelogue blog diary road book together with photo album gallery photos pictures route map. Apart from cycling biking they did mountaineering sailing horseback riding trekking diving. On this page you'll find information on equipment gear tips and tricks. Visited continents and regions: Europe Asia Oceania North America South America Antarctica Africa Middle East Central Asia Southeast Asia. Visited countries: Switzerland Italy Madagascar Kenya Tanzania Malawi Zambia Botswana Namibia South Africa Antarctica Argentina Chile Bolivia Peru Ecuador Greece Turkey Syria Jordan Egypt Oman United Arab Emirates Iran Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan China Tibet Nepal Philippines Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Laos Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Japan South Korea New Zealand Australia.

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